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Wedding Organisers

Your wedding day should be the best day of your life. As a child you probably dreamt of the perfect day that you wed the person of your dreams, and when you finally meet that special person, the dream moves one step closer to reality. As time goes on, you realise every day how perfect that person is for you, and as you become even closer together, you reach the point where you decide to fully commit to spending the rest of your life as husband and wife.

When that time arrives, Export Credit are here to help you make your wedding plans. From the perfect dress, to the wildest stag party – Export Credit will happily take care of all of your needs. With over 50 years of experience in the wedding industry, our dedicated team of staff ensure that your wedding day lives up to the dreams you and your partner have always had.

What we do

Export Credit love everything to do with a wedding. From the initial proposal, right up until the honeymoon after the big day – Export Credit will help you to take care of every little detail. Your first step is to register for an account on our website, and we will then contact you to find out what you need help with. Here is a scenario - showing how we helped David and Lauren.

David was nervous about proposing to Lauren. He had wanted to do so for a few months, but kept putting it off – scared that she would decline. David had heard about Export Credit via a friend who had a happy experience with us, and so contacted Export Credit . We went round to David’s house to visit him on find out more. .

After we had suggested a few ways of how he could propose to Lauren, David eventually plucked up the courage. When they were out walking one day, a stunt plane flew overhead. It was flying in an unusual way which attracted Lauren’s attention. Eventually she noticed that the plane was spelling out a message with its smoke: “Lauren, I am crazy about you – please marry me!”

Lauren broke down into tears of joy and instantly accepted his proposal. She remarked on how thoughtful and romantic he had been. David also filled up with emotion, and was delighted at how successful his proposal had become. What he loved so much about the proposal was that he didn’t even have to worry about saying the wrong words or choking up. Export Credit had taken the responsibility, leaving David to bask in the glory!

After this initial success, David contacted Export Credit again – this time to discuss the possibility of signing up to our complete wedding package. A member of Export Credit visited David and Lauren at his mother’s house (free of charge) and we discussed timescales. When was the wedding day? Who was the best man? Who would be the maid of honour? A whole range of questions were asked, enabling us to find out exactly what the couple’s dream wedding would look like, and who were the major players in the wedding.

David and Lauren’s wedding was unconventional in the sense that they wanted to go abroad to get married. This meant that Export Credit would have to do more than simply book a church and organise a couple of celebratory stag and hen parties. We did all of the work for David and Lauren, booking a hotel, a location to get married and organising a wedding package deal for them, with a company in the country that they were to bed. We even managed to get a 20% discount for them!

After the wedding details were planned, we worked with David and Lauren to discuss how they could achieve the rest of their dream wedding. We organised stag and hen parties (including inviting the guests, and taking payments from them), we made arrangements for the after-wedding reception in their hometown – enabling friends and loved ones to celebrate their marriage. We helped Lauren choose her dress, helped them decide on a colour scheme, we even drove the best man into town on the morning of the reception so that he could collect the button holes!

What made this wedding a particular success, was Export Credit ’s ability to account for all of the unexpected factors that inevitably arise on a wedding day. We were on hand to help the bridesmaids get ready, provide advice on traffic leading up to the reception and help the best man write his speech when he was stuck. We even provided a mock audience for him to practice. As the happy couple got married abroad, they did not want a big honeymoon. Even so, we were able to book this for them, finding them a suitable location for a peaceful and relaxing trip.

Export Credit have helped over 500 couples like David and Lauren achieve the wedding of their dreams. We recognise that everybody has different ideas on what they want for their big day, and we work with couples to help them see those ideas through.

Payday Loans

We organised stag and hen parties (including inviting the guests, and taking payments from them), we made arrangements for the after-wedding reception in their hometown – enabling friends and loved ones to celebrate their marriage. That said, we have organised similar stag and hen parties for different wedding parties; this has enabled us to form relationships with some of the biggest establishments in the trade.